A Dragon and his pet, a puzzle by Sunsout now, c. L.W. Perkins 2008-2010.

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L.W. Perkins Art and Illustration

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I've had my own freelance art business for over eighteen years now, doing book covers, t-shirt designs,dvd and cd covers, and astronomical and fantasy-themed art. I also create digital illustrations using my own scanned acrylic paintings, and Photoshop and Painter. I belong to the International Association of Astronomical Artists. In the last few years I have done over 30 book covers for Liquid Silver Books, Tesseract/Edge Books, Dragon Moon Press, Prime Books, MageSpell Press, Wildside Press, and AbsoluteXPress. I've done DVD covers for Vintage Home Entertainment and for Virgil Productions, and some advertising work for a Philadelphia area advertising firm, as well as numerous private commissions. I've won awards (and software) for my digital art pieces, and had digital astro pieces appear on the BBC's The Sky at Night. I'm also working on an ongoing series of fine art astronomical paintings.

I am always looking for new book-related work, so if you see something interesting here, contact me. I am also happy to refer work to my talented friends if there is nothing here that suits your needs. I would like to especially recommend my friend Christina Yoder (dragonart@mac.com) for any Illustrator/vector artwork you may need--I often team up with her for many of the covers I do (she does layout and design as well as some illustration). Thank you for visiting!