Links to other artists, writers and creative people


Kate Perkins
Kate Perkins is my daughter, and she is awesome, and a fine artist too.
Bob Eggleton may be the greatest living landscape painter, but he's best known for his renderings of dragons and Godzilla, as well as his book covers, magazine covers and his concept work for movies like Jimmy Neutron. If you are looking for privately commissioned work,(which he enjoys immensely) send him some email after checking out his site.
jael is a fascinating artist who does both bookcovers and other fantasy/sf art and the most amazing abstracts..well, she calls them "Perceptualistics" which I think is a better name for them. They are unique and beautiful. She also has an inspiring biography!
Uwe Jarling does both gorgeous fantasy work and some of the most hair-raising horror art work I have ever seen. If you are a European band looking for a cd cover for your heavy-metal music, you need Uwe. You will be amazed (and delighted)at his work.
Todd is one of my personal favorite fantasy artists of all time, eclipsing even the mighty Frazetta (Frazetta painted action, Todd paints people) He's the perfect artist for an author who is writing character-driven stories--Todd makes you care about his people. And the paintings are beautiful as stand-alone art. Check out "Bitter Chivalry" and the Daughter of the Drow covers. Oh, and he sells prints, too!
Ron Miller is one of several astro artists that I know, but I think he is the ultimate master of a landscape app called Terragen--he uses it to generate photo-real landscapes of places we haven't been yet. Other planets in the solar system, alien suns and their satellites and other stellar subjects are all lovingly rendered and touched up by hand to give you the "you are there" feeling. He is an engaging speaker, a patient teacher and a clear and concise writer. Oh, and he paints great "babe" pictures as well. He also happens to be one of the keepers of the Chesley Bonestell estate. Go see his site!
I realized that there were so many astro artists that I liked, that it made more sense to send you to a central page to check out their sites. Particular favorites of mine are Dave Hardy, Joe Bergeron and Mark Garlick, all more on the "romantic" side of astro painting, with Don Davis as a great photographer as well as a very scientifically accurate painter. Bill Hartmann is not only a talented traditional painter but also a fantastic writer of non-fiction (I haven't read his fiction yet:-)
Beads, beads, beads..oh such gorgeous bead jewelry, and art too! Vampi excels in all she does, whether 3d or 2d, and her color sense is superb.
A source of original fantasy and science fiction art in a wide range of prices, Worlds of Wonder is almost unique in the scope of their collection and the breadth of the artists represented. Jane Frank also acts as agent for several high-profile sf/fantasy artists, such as Jim Burns, Chris Moore, John Berkey and Ian Miller, (to name a few); so original commissions are also possible through Worlds of Wonder. The website shows a comprehensive view of their current offerings, including some books: The Frank Collection, The Art of Richard Powers, and the excellent Art of John Berkey (a must-have, IMO).

An writer who not only does great character-driven romance and fantasy, but can do technical writing and describe in loving detail the finer points of a snow globe. You can commission her to write a great short story or the cover text for you new invention. And she is great to work with!
A writer of some of the most imaginative fantasy literature ever written, Paul Barnett (writing as John Grant) was co-editor with John Clute of The Encyclopedia of Fantasy, and has also written several definitive works on animation (including Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters and Masters of Animation) as well as the Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Science Fiction Art Techniques (co-written with Ron Tiner). As the author of over 60 books, he has won the Hugo Award, the World Fantasy Award, the Chesley Award, and too many others to list here. If you are looking for masterful short fantasy or an all-inclusive, entertaining survey of art or popular culture, visit his site and send him email at!
Tony Becker has a mysterious day job, but I like to think of him as a 3d artist, poet and surrealist--he can always make me laugh, and he's generous in sharing tips and tricks to make my 3d art better. Check out his hollowed-out volcano (and lovely art and poetry) here.
Greg Frost is a lawyer or something for his day job, but who cares? He writes fantastic and incredibly creepy novels that have more in common with Poe than Steven King, with an amazing knowlege of what makes people tick. With an artist's eye and Hitchcock's sense of pacing, he can scare the bejeezus out of you and make you love every minute. Plus his website is pretty!
Need fantastic, yet accurate dinosaur art? Here is Bob Walter's site, the man who can give you any kind of dinosaur, with museum standards for accuracy. (I could give you James Gurney's site as well, but he'd want to give the dinosaur a shirt and glasses). Bob comes with the added bonus of being a great communicator and having a lively sense of humor (useful for keeping sane during killer deadlines). He's a pro at both digital and traditional media. Combine his talents with Tess Kissinger and a studio of talented animators and sculptors, and you have a winning combination for your dinosaur project.
Another writer, Stuart Jaffe, who is not only known for his short sf fiction, but also the host of the podcast The Eclectic review--check out his Pickle Podcast software! I understand that Stuart is very big in japan:-) and deserves to be as big here; he and his co-host Gloria explore all kinds of topics in an entertaining and informative way.